Hello World!

Hi everyone! I have just started my blog. I am aiming to use it as an inventory for my inspirations, thoughts, ideas, and latest stories. Currently, I am the youngest  journalist in my Indo-Caribbean community. I write for a column titled “Cultural Perspective from Generation Y” in a newspaper titled The West Indian Newspaper. Right now, I am working to bridge my Indian, Indo-Caribbean, and American cultures together.

Now that a number of my articles have been published within my local community newspaper, I am looking for a bigger outlet of support. I will be posting many works  that I believe are still relevant to our times and should be spread online. As a first generation Indo-Caribbean female, I feel like there is much to say. I hope to connect with others across the world that can share in my stories, which I hope to be universal. I will also be spreading the news of my local community on this blog to promote awareness, activism, and support.

The first work I will be posting is titled Churros on Fulton Street. I hope it will connect with readers.

Please take the time out to tell friends, family, and any others individuals you believe are interested in the theme of linking  cultures together. Let them know of my blog, it’s really easy, cultureatkamelia.wordpress.com !


One comment on “Hello World!

  1. queenbee24 says:

    hi kamelia how are you i love your design on here its very pretty

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